Stock Art - Male Tiefling Archer

by Production Platform 3

Production Platform 3



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Stock Art - Male Tiefling Archer

Real people don’t look just alike – neither should your characters! Bring fresh, new looks to your game-table or product with our latest Character Portraits. You get a total of nine 300dpi TIFF files in each collection, consisting of three distinct poses of a character, with each pose in color, grayscale, and line-art styles.

Our aim is to bring you a variety of quality character portraits to show your PC or NPC in a variety of poses and bring out the finer points of your creations. This bundle of images is centered around a male tiefling who knows how to handle a bow. Lightly armored enough to be a nimble fighter, a ranger, or even a rogue who spent time to be proficient with a longbow. Whether he is struggling to rise above his lineage or reveling in it, his story is yours to tell.

Check out our PDF preview for sample views of all nine pieces as well as our stock-art license.