The Strange RPG: Bestiary

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The Strange RPG: Bestiary

150 new creatures for The Strange from the exotic recursions lying in Earth's shoals.

Featuring more than 150 creatures and characters, The Strange Bestiary is lavishly illustrated and wildly imaginative. Find creatures encountered on Earth along with those native to the recursions of Ardeyn, Ruk, Crow Hollow, Atom Nocturne, and others. Plus scores of creatures that fit any recursion operating under the Laws of Magic or Mad Science, or from worlds seeded by Earthly fictional leakage. Monument spiders, data sentinels, octopus sapiens, extereons, blobs, kaiju, and killer robots are just the beginning for the diverse and incredibly creative settings of The Strange.

The first hardcover supplement for The Strange, from RPG superstars Monte Cook and Bruce R. Cordell
Monster books are always popular-expect this to be the best-selling supplement for The Strange, and an evergreen title for the life of the line
Continues the MCG tradition of incredible artwork and beautiful, groundbreaking layout. These books sell themselves!
The Strange is almost 100% compatible with Numenera and this book has loads to offer Numenera players and GMs. Double your sales!

The Strange is a roleplaying game of exploration that takes characters to diverse and exotic pocket dimensions that lie within the shoals of Earth. The Cypher System-the game engine that drives The Strange as well as the Numenera RPG-makes it easy to port content from one game to another. Numenera players will find The Strange Bestiary an appealing purchase that can easily be used in their games too!

Hardcover, 8.5" x 11", full color, 160 pages