Blood and Broomsticks

by Publishing Publishing



Tags: archetypes BONUS hexes magic magic items Monster monsters sorcerer Sorcerer Bloodlines spells Witches

Blood and Broomsticks

Magic changes everything.....

Whether plane hopping through multiple dimensions hoping to survive another day, hunting diseased wererats in an underground sewer, or just blasting orc formations to smithereens with large amounts of fire, magic always makes a difference.  Timing, spell selection, and variation of magic matter as much as thoughtful application and creative use. This new supplement for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game from Publishing focuses on two unique spellcasters: Sorcerers and Witches

Within these pages you'll find:

  • 1 New Sorcerer Bloodline: the Altered
  • 2 New Witch Archetypes: Ink and Pyre Witch
  • 14 New Hexes
  • 5 New Magic Items
  • 13 New Spells
  • 1 New Monster (Flesh Servant) AND 1 New Monster Template (Ink-infused)