Affordable Arcana - Magic Rings

by Publishing Publishing



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Affordable Arcana - Magic Rings

This Pathfinder Roleplaying Game product introduces tons of new magic rings costing under 1,000 gp as well as rules for flawed rings (flawed ring of climbing, flawed ring of feather falling, flawed ring of jumping, flawed ring of protection, flawed ring of spell knowledge, flawed ring of spell sustenance, and flawed ring of swimming!)

Plus the following new, AFFORDABLE magic rings!

  • Brawler’s Ring
  • Hunter’s Ring
  • Ioun Ring
  • Lantern Ring
  • Purifying Ring
  • Ring of the Brotherhood
  • Ring of Desperate Defense
  • Ring of Forceful Strikes
  • Ring of the Iron Grip
  • Ring of the Iron Liver
  • Ring of the Travelling Mage
  • Shield Ring
  • Spy’s Ring
  • Scouting Rings

Plus the following new feats:

  • Many Hands
  • Mystic Jeweler
  • Ring Apprentice
  • Ring Mudra
  • Versatile Ring Slot
  • Versatile Ring Slot, Improved

Plus a new archetype and a new prestige class:

  • Circulumancer (Wizard Archetype): "For a rare few wizards, the secrets of the ring and its perfect circular form give rise to untold versatility and arcane power. A circulumancer’s focus on unlocking the secrets of magic rings, allows them to drastically exceed the limits of most who would make use of these powerful magic items."
  • Ring Savant (Prestige Class): "Ubiquitous to almost every form of magical practice, the closed circle is the core of the most powerful of rituals, used to contain untold power and potential. True mastery of magical craftsmanship uses this knowledge to bind unimaginable power to the simple, yet perfect form of the ring, the ultimate closed circle."

And finally, also a new spell (in normal, greater and lesser versions):

  • Protective Ring