Manifest Destiny, Book 2 - Cults & Clergy (PFRPG)

by Publishing Publishing



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Manifest Destiny, Book 2 - Cults & Clergy (PFRPG)

Manifest Destiny, Book 2 - Cults & Clergy is the first in second in a new series of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game supplements from Publishing focusing on those in tune with the gods and this one gives a general use to anyone with a deific bent.

"It is under the greatest adversity that there exists the greatest potential for doing good, both for oneself and others."

This book introduces many new options for these types of characters including:

  • 1 New Domain: Inspiration
  • 1 New Mystery: Transformation
  • 13 New Class Archetypes: Avatar of Freedom (Skald), Ayurvedic (Druid), Celestial Druid (Druid), Chosen One (Cleric), Clan Champion (Ranger), Divine Herald (Bard), Dune Dancer (Oracle), Exemplar of Faith (Inquisitor), Holy Protectorate (Warpriest), Inspired Conduit (Inquisitor), Outback Oracle (Oracle), Sneak (Oracle), and Truthsayer (Oracle)
  • 7 New Spells: Debilitating Diatribe, Greater Guidance, Inspirational Sermon, Mantle of Martial Prowess, Serpent Strike, Siphon Infidel's Strength, and Terrifying Aura.

All this AND MORE await you in Manifest Destiny, Book 2 - Cults & Clergy!