Adventuring Party Outline Maker

by Ennead Games

Ennead Games



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Adventuring Party Outline Maker

Despite your group's abilities and fame, it is extremely unlikely for there to be just ONE powerful and well-known group in the world.

Or maybe you are having trouble coming up with other detail for your group, such as their base of operations, their current goal and more.

This APOM is designed to help you with both of those problems, by providing you with a series of tables that can be used altogether as you cherry-pick the exact one you need.

This pdf features content from previously published by Ennead Games:

  • Adventuring Party Name
  • Adventure/Mission Outline Maker
  • Character Connections

Added to this is new content and tables, in a handy volume to make it easier for you to make an outline for your party or for a group of rivals or anything else of a similar nature

In this publication, you'll find...

Example Creation

Tables that cover...

  • Party Name
  • Class/Profession
  • Personality
  • Current Goal
  • Connections
  • Major Events
  • Rumours/Gossip
  • Number in Party
  • Race/Species
  • Base of Operations
  • Time Together
  • Leader Style
  • Reputation

Bonus Tables

  • Clothing Quality
  • Clothing Style/Type
  • Colours
  • Group Symbol
  • Accessory