Age of Cthulhu 2: Madness in London Town

by Goodman Games

Goodman Games



Tags: Adventure Cthulhu Horror

Age of Cthulhu 2: Madness in London Town

3,000 years before the birth of Christ, fearful tribesmen raised bloody sacrifices on the Salisbury Plain in honor of a dread god. The skies coursed red with blood, consuming the weak, granting boons to the strong, and seeding ghastly young in the wooded glens about the Salisbury Plain.

50 years after the death of Christ, the Roman legion Legio IX Hispana, led by Gnaeus Hosidius Geta, swept through the region, slaughtering the indigenous Celtic tribesmen. Those that stole the religious artifacts soon succumbed to madness, and the legion vanished from the annals of time.

Present day, 1928: Misguided worshippers seeks to call forth the patron god of old. The dark god will stride across the Salisbury Plain once more, and madness is sure to follow.

Set throughout the globe and torn from the pages of the hidden history of the world, Age of Cthulhu adventures bring new secrets and mind-bending horrors to your 1920's Call of Cthulhu game. Each adventure comes with copious player handouts, detailed maps, and pre-generated investigators ready to risk their lives and their sanity to confront the horrors of an uncaring universe.


  • Geekdo fan review: 6.5/10. 'It was a very enjoyable 5 hour game. We had a blast delving into the depths of the museum and racing across the countryside chased by cultists.'
  • Fan Review: 'Another excellent effort by Goodman Games. This one, in fact is better than the first one.'

Rules Set: Chaosium Basic Role Playing.


Writer: Rick Maffei

Editor: Dwight Hulse

Cover Art: Eddie Sharam

Interior Art: Brad McDevitt

Graphic Design: Brad and Jess McDevitt

GMG7002, 48 pages