by Sad Fishe Games, LLC

Sad Fishe Games, LLC



Tags: Ironsworn SRD Sci-Fi


Atomsworn is a primer intended to lay the foundation for Ironsworn gameplay in a modern/sci-fi post-apocalyptic setting rather than the Ironlands. Atomsworn is not an official Ironsworn product, but is intended to utilize the Ironsworn System Resource Document via the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License ( Transitioning the Ironsworn mechanics and themes to a certain sort of post-apocalyptia requires essentially no changes to rules. Atomsworn sets out to simplify that stage setting by providing a workbook customizing the Atomlands just as Ironsworn does for the Ironlands, provide foe templates adapted to the setting, a new map and region descriptions suited for the genre, a mechanics and a new track and asset to deal with exposure to Radiation, as well as including certain Oracle tables from the Ironsworn SRD for convenient use.