Basic Room

by Archania's Workshop, LLC

Archania's Workshop, LLC



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Basic Room

Fat Dragon Games – DragonLock Ultimate Dungeon Tile – Basic Room.
This is a Basic Dungeon Room using the DragonLock Ultimate Tiles.

In this Basic Room, you will receive:

(4) Corner DragonLock Ultimate Tile
(3) Wall (universal) or Wall (variant) or Combo DragonLock Ultimate Tile
(1) 2"x2" Dungeon Floor DragonLock Ultimate Tile
(1) Doorway with Movable/Removable Door DragonLock Ultimate Tile
(10) Dragonbit Clip

Room is 6" x 6" x 2"

Printed in Grey filament. Non-painted.

You can use as-is or feel free to paint to match whatever design you are going for.
Great for Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons, or whatever system you are playing.

*****Fat Dragon Games Licensed Printer*****