Close Encounters: NPC Codex

by Fat Goblin Games

Fat Goblin Games



Close Encounters: NPC Codex

Join Them in The Stars!

Meet these 13 wondrous strangers at any time in your life. The galaxy that the player characters inhabit should be full of rich and vibrant characters with whom they can interact. While most need little more than names and general descriptions, some require complete statistics, such as law enforcement, hackers, and space marines. The PCs might find themselves in combat with these characters, either against them or as allies. Alternatively, the PCs might find themselves relying on the skills and abilities of the NPCs. In Close Encounters: NPC Codex you can quickly refer to the following NPCs to meet your GMing needs.

Close Encounters: NPC Codex is a book intended to give GMs a wide range of prebuilt NPC characters to use on the fly, as they see fit. Inside you’ll find a host of 13 different NPCs (3 combatants, 3 experts, 2 spellcasters, and 5 custom), with each entry represented over ten different Challenge Ratings 1 - 19; that’s 130 new NPC entries! These NPCs include the seven Core Races, sentient swarms, transforming robots, and a new Wild Wyrm dragon template. Each NPC has a full stat block, all the in-game information you need to run the character, and a brief paragraph about how they fit into the galaxy around them. Whether you need a lowly CR 1 Vid-Star Host, or a CR 19 Cyborg Skittermander, Close Encounters: NPC Codex has something for you!

Close Encounters is a line of Starfinder Roleplaying Game compatible books from Fat Goblin Games filled with a ready-made encounter and numerous plot hooks and adventure seeds for Gamemasters to quickly adapt for their own tables. Each book includes fully statted monsters and NPCs for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game, sometimes all new, sometimes adapted from other game systems, sometimes both.