Conflict PvP Tactics and Teams Rulebook

by Conflict Games LLC

Conflict Games LLC

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Conflict PvP Tactics and Teams Rulebook

Conflict PvP adds advanced team vs. team mechanics and rules to the Pathfinder RPG. Resulting in raw, brutal, yet governed competition! Play with a team or as gladiator styled individuals. Conflict offers scenarios suitable for both styles of play. These scenarios and rules are much more than just death-matches. Instead, matches are driven by scenarios with clearly defined objectives that must be completed in order to win. Plus, hidden movement is real in Conflict PvP, so don't even think about Metagaming it.

Seasoned with over three years of experience in the trenches of PvP combat, this updated edition offers a whole slew of new material for your destructive pleasure:

  • 15 team vs. team combat matches
  • over 40 different match variants
  • 25 Map Elements for the players to summon to any battle-map
  • 12 Conflict Laws with which to alter the rules of the conflict
  • Over 40 statblocks of combat optimized characters, NPCs and monsters

In Conflict PvP, you are faced with an enemy with strengths similar to your own. Your chance to succeed boils down to your wits, guts, execution and luck in that precise order. So, if you think you have what it takes to outsmart real-world prey, then grab your dice bags, work on your own overconfident smirk and starting running with Conflict PvP!

Each book includes two complementary, full-color, 24" by 36" Battlemaps.

  • Side A - The Thieves Temple Battlemap: Designed for close quarters combat with limited lines of sight. Watch out for rogues and ninjas!
  • Side B - The Keeper's Keep Battlemap: The classic PvP environment, with high and low grounds, environmental dangers, and arrow slits!

Scroll below the images for some FAQ!

FAQs: How does Conflict PvP make sure two teams are evenly matched?

  • Conflict PvP is chock full of light-weight rules like the Battlepoint system (or BP), which allows players to measure their crazy character builds. Each match is assigned a maximum number of points called the Battlepoint Cap. Participating characters' total BP value must be under the match maximum in order to be part of the match. This cap applies to all characters, whether they are pre-generated, imported from a campaign, or built from scratch. The Battlepoint Cap keeps combat fair and consistent.

Can I bring in my own characters or do I have to use the pre-made characters in the book?

  • Using your own character builds is highly, highly encouraged. In fact, here's your chance to use all those crazy character builds and min/max techniques you have come up with or seen in forums. You know the ones with those crazy-optimized feat combinations that your GM won't allow in your campaign. Well Conflict PvP is a way to test those ideas out against real-world prey. (Although, for quick play or as examples, there are also 30 stat blocks of pre-made characters in the book.)

Does this system require a GM?

  • Yep! Conflict PvP requires a GM, although there is really no prep-time needed (except for making sure the characters are legal for play).

Is this for 1 on 1 PvP combat?

  • This is designed for Team vs. Team Play. Or a group of players can play as individuals where every man is out for themselves. Thus only one of the treacherous players will be declared the winner at the end of the match.

Can I use this product in my ongoing campaign?

  • One of the major additions to this book is the inclusion of "Campaign Integration" where you can sprinkle some PvP into your traditional campaign. You will find campaign integration sections scattered throughout the chapters of this book. Campaign integration details the means of adapting the different aspects of Conflict PvP into a campaign, including recommendations for rewards or consequences should the players succeed or fail. In addition to the rule adjustments, dos and don'ts, you'll find lists of plot hooks, magic items and artifacts to help you add aspects of PvP to your Pathfinder campaign.

What about Metagaming?

  • Metagaming is heavily addressed through games mechanics and rules. For example; a coordinate-based hidden movement system is provided to handle stealthy or invisible characters, based around a set of "Passcards.". Miniatures are actually removed from the Battlemap when in full stealth or under the effects of invisibility or similar magic.

Is this supported by the Pathfinder Society (PFS)?

  • No. At this time, Conflict PvP is not supported by PFS, however PFS characters are compatible and are easy to ready for a death or strategy matches.

How long does Conflict PvP matches take?

  • About 1 to 3 hours depending on the type of match. However, Conflict PvP matches can be pretty predictable and therefore are great for in between Pathfinder Society (PFS) matches. Most Conflict PvP matches are scheduled for 10 combat rounds.

So, can you build a team that can beat the boys on the other side of the table? Well, there's only one way to find out...