Drop Dead Studios HOSPITAL BUNDLE!

by Drop Dead Studios

Drop Dead Studios



Drop Dead Studios HOSPITAL BUNDLE!

Drop Dead Studios owner Adam Meyers found himself in quite the quandary over the holiday season....kidney stones that sent him to the hospital! Unfortunately there was an issue with his insurance and now he's faced with some hefty medical bills!  Adam's offering a GIANT bundle worth over $300, in exchange for your help!  This bundle has well over 1,500 pages of content and includes classes, settings, adventures and the entire catalog for the Spheres of Power system!


  • Spheres of Might
  • Spheres of Power
  • Abjurer's Handbook
  • Andrus City of Men
  • Spheres Apocrypha Air
  • Spheres Apocrypha Light
  • Spheres Apocrypha Ranged
  • Spheres Apocrypha Dark
  • Spheres Apocrypha Destruction
  • Spheres Apocrypha Earth
  • Spheres Apocrypha Fire
  • Spheres Apocrypha Metal, Plant, Water
  • Spheres Apocrypha Spirit
  • Archetypes of Power
  • Auspician's Handbook
  • Battlemage's Handbook
  • Sanguinist's Handbook
  • Champions of the Spheres
  • Channeler
  • Conjurer's Handbook
  • Creator's Handbook
  • Necromancer's Handbook
  • Destroyer's Handbook
  • Dilettante
  • Diviner's Handbook
  • Enhancer's Handbook
  • Spheres of Power: Expanded Options
  • Fantastical Creatures and How to Survive Them: A Student's Guide for Adventure and Study
  • Geomancer's Handbook
  • Illuminator's Handbook
  • Trickster's Handbook
  • Jaws of the Jhambizaur
  • Luchador
  • Mentalist's Handbook
  • Metafeats
  • Nyctomancer's Handbook 
  • Rogue Glory
  • Shapeshifter's Handbook
  • Ships of Skybourne
  • Skybourne Player's Guide
  • Spiritualist
  • Telekinetics Handbook
  • The Artisan
  • The Aspect
  • The Vauntguard
  • Chronomancer's Handbook
  • Vigilantes of Skybourne
  • Vivomancer's Handbook
  • War Dancer
  • Wild Magic Handbook
  • Wizard's Academy
  • World's of Power
  • Wraith