Legendary Adventures: Dismantling Cities (5E)

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



Tags: 5th Edition Adventure (High-Level) Fantasy GM Tools Monsters/Enemies Sci-Fi SRD Enhanced

Legendary Adventures: Dismantling Cities (5E)

Doom Comes to Town! 

This DnD 5E supplement for 24th–26th level characters is a GM handbook for how to run epic fights against sentient cities. Whether the party are taking on the Trekth, run afoul of the most troublesome mimic in existence, or have just really angered the *wrong* deity in the wrong place at the wrong time, as the whole world turns against them this is the book to turn to.

What you'll find in Dismantling Cities:

  • Adventure materials for characters of 24th to 26th level.
  • Details on 10 different sentient cities, from the highly magical to the utterly alien.
  • Compelling and wondrous illustrations of disturbing and ominous locales.
  • Pregenerated adventurers of 24th level for every class.

This adventure uses the rules from Legendary Adventures: Epic 5E and is intended to be played after Epic Depths, Heart of War, and Forgotten Crowns. Grab this incredible 64-page adventure book for 5th Edition and Make Your Game Legendary!