Ooh, Shiny! - 20 Unique Armors, Shields, and Helmets

by Interjection Games

Interjection Games



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Ooh, Shiny! - 20 Unique Armors, Shields, and Helmets

To many warriors, armor is a second skin. Make sure it's a good one.

Ooh, Shiny! 20 Unique Armors, Shields, and Helmets, and the Ooh, Shiny! series in general, acts as a compendium for new and interesting gear mechanics, while also maintaining an ability to offer solid utility options.

This issue features the first iteration of a "set bonus" system. This system is used for the Setting Sun armor and is tooled for paladins and other heavy armor users. Additionally, the Xenophilic Leathers are included as a bonus 21st item because of its experimental nature. Given armor keeps characters alive, the items present in this issue are less flashy and more utilitarian than normal, though items such as The Door, which can create alternate doorways in a dungeon setting, and the Tortoise Plate, which allows heavy armor users to literally become a "tank", are still out in full force.

This issue of Ooh, Shiny! includes:

  • Bejeweled Mail - chain shirt
  • Bulwark of the Setting Sun - heavy steel shield
  • The Deniable Asset - buckler
  • The Door - wooden tower shield
  • Forest's Embrace - helmet
  • Guardian's Targe - light steel shield
  • Helm of the Rising Sun - helmet
  • Hide of a Thousand Beasts - hide armor
  • Life's Assurance - leather armor
  • Old Reliable - helmet
  • Omniguard - light wooden shield
  • Plate of the Noonday Sun - full plate
  • Pufferfish Leathers - studded leather armor
  • Reckless Abandon - helmet
  • Retaliatory Breastplate - breastplate
  • Rustless Chain - chainmail
  • Slickwraps - padded armor
  • Spellbane Buckler - buckler
  • Tortoise Plate - full plate
  • Verdant Guardian - light wooden shield
  • Xenophilic Leathers - leather armor

Ooh, Shiny! 20 Unique Armors, Shields, and Helmets is an OGL-licensed supplement for 3rd edition D&D and is compatible with both 3.5 and The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.