Pipe Tower Scene w/ Platforms

by Archania's Workshop, LLC

Archania's Workshop, LLC



Tags: 3d Objects Accessories Miniatures Terrain

Pipe Tower Scene w/ Platforms

Use this scene to jump start an adventure for your Sci-Fi/Warhammer game! Fantastic way to get many awesome sci-fi pieces. Using Pieces from the Warlayer Collection.

Set includes:

(1) Octagon Platform Ring w/ Center.

(4) Octagon Platform Ring w/o Center.

(1) Bridge 2×3 Style C.

(1) Stairs Half Size.

(1) Ladder Half Size Longer.

(1) Pipe Tower Open Rotated 45 Deg.

(1) Pipe Tower Style A.

(1) Pipe Tower Style A 4 Way.

(8) Support Tower Half Size 4 Posts.

(20) Octagon Platform Glue Helpers.

These pieces individually would cost you $173.55.

This is great addition to any table top Sci-Fi/Wargaming RPG.

** Mini (if shown) is not included. Used to show scale **

It is printed out in grey PLA which is easily painted. I can print in many other colors if you would like. Just add a note to the order or send me a message.

*****Warylayer Licensed Printer*****