S-Class Psionic Compendium

by Samurai Sheepdog

Samurai Sheepdog



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S-Class Psionic Compendium

"The original Pathfinder RPG summoner class is fine."

I'm glad you think so. In that case, you're going to love the s-class psionic options presented here, each of which has been balanced around the same general power level as the original summoner while still remaining fully compatible with a standard adventuring party. In fact, we have retuned every psionic class to be on par with that one, and included options within each that are still just as useful for standard characters as well.

==What's Inside==

  • S-class character options for the 10 main psionic classes introduced by Dreamscarred Press for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game 1st edition.
  • Join one of several psionic cabals, which teach s-class characters their techniques. Cabals include, "The Blades Less Drawn," "Free-Thinkers," "The Minded Eyes," "The Strong Survive," and "The Traditionalists."
  • New class features and options that can be chosen by any standard character as well.
    • (Aegis) 9 new astral suit customizations
    •  (Cryptic) 5 new cryptic insights, plus 2 new supreme insights
    •  (Marksman) The harrier combat style
    •  (Psion) Harness the power of the gem dragons with the draconist discipline.
    •  (Vitalist) The pragmatist method teaches vitalists how to heal allies by inflicting pain on enemies.
    • (Wilder) The enduring surge gives the wilder a little panache with which to wild surge.
  • S-Class Training archetypes allow any character to take on aspects of any psionic class as an s-class character option.
  • Sample customizations, feats, powers (with lists), and class talents.

For greater details and more options available to psionic characters, be sure to check out DSP's Ultimate Psionics and other various supplements expanding those rules.