Shades of Gray

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Shades of Gray

Shades of Gray

A Heroic Quest

The Gray Death is a fiendish plague ravaging the land. A band of heroes is sent to investigate this plague and attempt to end it. They must embark on an epic quest to recover the pieces of a lost artifact—the one hope of ending the plague before it is too late. Standing in the way of their success are the architects of the plague and their myriad agents. Can the heroes succeed?

A Complete Campaign in One Book

Shades of Gray is a series of 11 adventures forming a self-contained campaign that can take characters from first level all the way to 10–12th level. Adventurers must solve mysteries, survive intrigues, travel to exotic locales, brave dangerous dungeons, defeat menacing villains, and overcome deadly obstacles to complete their quest and end the Gray Death. These adventures and locales stand alone, but can easily be dropped into any setting you choose.

Discover new domains, monsters, and magic items. Uncover the plots and schemes behind the fiendish plague. Brave the dangers and explore several exotic locales to recover the pieces of a long-lost artifact needed to end this plague. Contains a wealth of additional d20 material, including never-before-seen monsters and magic.

Presents players with a series of challenges allowing them to develop characters form 1st to 12th level in a series of urban, wilderness and dungeon environments, and offers the thrills of constant danger and excitement.