The Coils of Set

by Open Gaming Store


The Coils of Set

The Coils of Set

The Death Grip of an Evil God 

The evil serpent lord, Set, threatens to constrict his poisonous coils around the world to crush all who dare oppose his scaly reign.

The Coils of Set contains a trilogy of interconnected adventures that pit the characters against the reptilian cult of Set. To succeed, characters must battle a wicked thieves' guild that holds a city in terror, traverse a deadly swamp and confront its master, and eventually travel to a strange land from a prehistoric time to face the Avatar of Set.

A Campaign in One Volume

All types of scaly and slimy creatures stand in the way to thwart the heroes and to ensure Set's domination of the known world. The Coils of Set takes PCs from 1st to 13th level and beyond, as the characters battle the wicked legions of Set, stop the development of a war, break an alliance between two evil gods, and confront the dark power behind it all. This volume can provide an entire campaign's worth of excitement and adventure.

  • Experience months' worth of excitement from three interconnected adventures. 
  • Fight the reptilian horde of the evil god Set to end his quest for world domination. 
  • Contains additional D20 material, including new monsters and magic. 
  • A three-in-one adventure contains a campaign in one book.