Racial Profiles Expanded: Hungry Souls

by d20pfsrd.com Publishing

d20pfsrd.com Publishing



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Racial Profiles Expanded: Hungry Souls

Racial Profiles: Hungry Souls introduces the following new races for players of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

  • First, the girran, an ogre-like race of hermetic gluttons who's lives revolve around the acquiring and eating of food.
  • Second, the luxo, a monastic race of elephantine humanoids, patient and disciplined in all things. Gentle giants, they live in the mountains where they look to the stars for guidance.
  • and last but by no means least, mouselings! They're cute, short, and carry a dark secret. These fey-like creatures are curious and mischievous, but when severely injured, a dark rage comes upon them and they transform into a something terrifying!

    Additionally, new classes take the consumption of food, souls, and spells to new heights, giving you new options to expand your campaigns, and a host of new magic items and spells for you to play with.

    This book includes:

    • Three new PC races: girrans, luxo, and mouselings
    • Three new classes: the gourmand, mystic savant, and vorpal knight
    • 49 new feats
    • 8 new weapons, 2 new armors, 3 new pieces of equipment, and 2 new special materials
    • MANY new magic items, including 1 new armor, 11 new weapons, 16 new weapon special qualities, and 8 new wondrous items
    • 19 new spells