Items of Adventure - The Severed Tentacle

by Double Tome Studios

Double Tome Studios



Tags: Any system Fantasy GM Tools Horror

Items of Adventure - The Severed Tentacle

Is The Severed Tentacle alive or are its movements merely a trick? What power draws it to the sea? Who dares seek it out and what does its presence portend?

  • A detailed item description of The Severed Tentacle, a staff of unusual design and construction with a disturbing connection to the sea.
  • 3 story hook options to help introduce The Severed Tentacle to the players.
  • 3 plot thread options to spark ideas to further the story of The Severed Tentacle.

The Items of Adventure series provides you, the gamemaster, with an engaging object to add to your world. Each product focuses on a unique item and provides a detailed description along with 3 story hooks and 3 plot threads to mix and match. These provide ready-made ways to introduce the item and spark ideas to further your story.