Monster Classes Subscription

by Dreamscarred Press

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Monster Classes Subscription

Monster Classes Subscription

In a world where anything is possible, why isn't it possible to play an angel, a dragon or any of the other multitude of interesting monsters that exist in the worlds we play in? Well, it IS possible - with Monster Classes!

Each Monster Classes release focuses on a single monster and transforms them into a playable class, with class levels depending on its powers. Now you can play dozens of monster from level 1. Unlock a host of new classes and creatures in Monster Classes, filled with traits, feats and equipment related to the monster class you will be playing, as well as the monster class itself.

With this subscription, you'll get every individual release, starting with the astral deva, all the way through until the final, compiled release once it is available!

This subscription includes the following products as of 10/20/2016: