Ultimate Psionics PLUS

by Dreamscarred Press

Dreamscarred Press



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Ultimate Psionics PLUS

This is a special bundle of Ultimate Psionics by Dreamscarred Press, Mind Over Matter: Psion and Soulknife and Mind over Matter: Psychic Warrior, Aegis & Vitalist from d20pfsrd.com Publishing!!!

Ultimate Psionics combines the material found in Psionics Unleashed and Psionics Expanded, plus a multitude of brand new character options, new psionic races, gamemaster advice, and exciting variant options to make psionics fit into any game or campaign setting. Included are stunning artwork scenes depicting the iconic psionic characters.

Including cover art by Wayne Reynolds, Ultimate Psionics adds ten psionic base classes, over a dozen psionic prestige classes, hundreds of psionic powers, scores of psionic feats, pages and pages of psionic items and equipment, and even helpful tips on how to change the theme of psionics to fit into your game without changing the actual rules, with an example describing how to change psionics into rune magic.

Ultimate Psionics is 451 jam-packed pages of psionic material for both GMs and players which was publicly playtested by players all over the world! This is the book you need for all things psionic!

Included in the book you will find:

  • Ten psionic races - including the brand new forgeborn and noral
  • Ten psionic base classes - the aegis, cryptic, dread, marksman, psion, psychic warrior, soulknife, tactician, vitalist, and wilder
  • The Autohypnosis and Knowledge (psionics) skills
  • Dozens of psionic and metapsionic feats
  • Hundreds of psionic powers
  • Nineteen psionic prestige classes, including the cerebremancer, metamind, body snatcher, and sighted seeker
  • Psionic items including psionic tattoos, dorjes, psicrowns, psicrystal staves, torcs, and even legendary items!
  • A section dedicated to helping Game Masters run psionics in their games
  • Instructions on how to change the theme of psionics to fit any campaign, even giving specific changes to make to turn psionics into "rune magic."

And much, much more!



When ordering the PRINT option you also get... 

The Ultimate Psionics GM Screen FREE

Keep all your psionic secrets behind this GM Screen!

This four-panel GM screen has four pieces of amazing artwork of psionic characters and creatures for the front, and four panels of rules for the back. The rules contain the information you need to use psionics in your games, as well as common rules needed for every game, like skill DCs, which actions provoke attacks of opportunity, and common status condition, this GM Screen lets your players know that psionics is in play in your games!

The front of this screen has four beautiful illustrations by Jason Rainville, whose artwork graces the pages of Pathfinder official products. This artwork includes a dread and a psionic gunslinger fighting an intellect devourer, a psion and a psychic warrior facing a psion-killer, a shaper and a psionic druid discovering a phrenic scourge, and a psion, psychic warrior, and psionic gunslinger standing over the corpse of a gray glutton and discovering the horde of treasure it guarded.

This GM Screen references content found in Ultimate Psionics.


Mind over Matter: Psychic Warrior, Aegis & Vitalist FREE

Mind Over Matter provides new psionics options including new archetypes, psionic powers, feats, and more for psionics-wielding characters.

The Bulwark Sovereign Aegis Archetype
Bulwark sovereigns focus their psionic prowess into creating the most potent protective gear that has ever been created. Bulwark sovereigns believe that their greatest contribution to their allies is to be the shield before the blow, protecting their allies from any incoming harm. With pure hearts and noble ideals, they rush to the forefront of battle or debate, placing the needs of those that they protect before their own. Rare indeed is the bulwark sovereign that fails to stand proud before the might of an enemy, be it on the field of battle or at the negotiating table.

Reverie Templar Psychic Warrior Archetype

The mind is a treacherous landscape within which to wage war, and the reverie templar knows this better than most. Inviting foes into their own minds, they can create the perfect conditions under which to combat their adversaries. It's a dangerous tactic, but one that works to their advantage far more often than not. As they grow in strength, they learn how to project the imagined conditions of their minds out into the world to a limited extent, crafting reality to their whims to influence the tides of battle.

Verdant Metamorph Vitalist Archetype

Most vitalists use their powers to heal, but that is not the only function of their particular talents. There are others that are perfectly capable of changing their own bodies by the force of their own will rather than just repairing the damage caused by others. These verdant metamorphs are far more dangerous than they let on. They often masquerade as druids, keeping mostly to themselves and avoiding other psychics, but there are those that live the life of adventurers and keep company beyond themselves.

Vivere Vitalist Archetype

The vivere is a peculiar sort of being; full to overflowing with living energies that they are able to psychically manipulate in any number of ways. They often display over-the-top behaviors, whether those mannerisms are constructive in nature, or destructive. They are certainly vibrant characters that sometimes mesh very well with groups of adventurers, but some prefer to travel the world alone, living life to the fullest and beyond. Few are those that would come across one of the mysterious vivere and not know that they had met such an exuberant being. Standard vitalists and vitalists of other archetypes do not possess the ability to learn this method.

New Psionics Feats

  • Artful Opening: You are able to create a brief weakness that can make you look like an attractive target to your foes, then use that to your advantage.
  • Aware Within the Dream: It becomes very difficult to surprise you when you set the rules.
  • Controlled Burn: You are able to control some of the abundant life-force that dwells within you.
  • Gatesealer: While some others may prefer to bash doors and gates down to gain entry, there are others that prefer to prevent others from passing through them instead.
  • Ingenious Repartee: When fighting defensively, you are more adept than most.
  • Liberated Senses: Rare are the opponents that can get the drop on you.
  • Mettle Plating: When you create your astral forgeform, you are able to increase your defensive mastery.
  • Vibrant Pulse: You don't just heal plants. You are also capable of healing animals and allies as well.

    New Psionics Powers

    • Mind Thorns: You are able to fling a sharp psychic thorn from your forehead as a ranged touch attack that causes 1d3 points of damage.
    • Philosophical Excursion: You send your mind to another plane of existence (an Elemental Plane or some plane farther removed) in order to receive advice and information from powers there.

    BONUS! Mythic Mayhem!

    This product also includes BONUS CONTENT intended for mythic play. You will require Mythic Adventures to use this bonus material. Each future book in the Mind over Matter series is planned to contain additional bonus mythic material.

    Written by Peter K. Ullmann


    Mind over Matter: Psion and Soulknife FREE

    Mind Over Matter focuses directly on the wildly popular psionics rules by Dreamscarred Press. The series brings you new archetypes, psionic powers, feats, and more for psionics-wielding characters.

    Psion Archetypes

    • (Nomad) Archetype: Locus
    • (Telepath) Archetype: Mindreaver

    Psion Feats

    • Amplified Folding
    • Extra Disturbed Space
    • Folding Force
    • Folding Force, Greater
    • Folding Force, Improved
    • Psychic Sickness
    • Terrorhaze

    Soulknife Archetypes

    • Attenuator
    • Manic Magpie

    New Blade Skills

    • Bent Blade Trick
    • Driving Attack
    • Psionic Bane
    • Spiritbright Blade

    Soulknife Feats

    • Avaricious Nature
    • Extra Pressure Strike
    • Improbable Throw
    • Mind Over Matter
    • Mindlight Ammunition
    • Psicrystal Consumption
    • Snatch Psicrystal
    • Tension Bash
    • Tension Hammer

    New General Feats

    • Augmented Intellect
    • Critical Insight
    • Enhanced Manifestation
    • Meditative Empowerment

    New Powers

    • Ego Lash
    • Radiant Banner
    • Thousand Cutting Cranes

    New Afflictions

    • Delirium
    • Psychalgia

    BONUS! Mythic Mayhem!

    This product also includes new rules intended for mythic play. You will require Mythic Adventures to use this bonus material. Each future book in the Mind over Matter series is planned to contain additional bonus mythic material.

    • The Medium: As a medium, you best serve your allies by unlocking the secrets of your foes and providing protection from all of their worst fears and nightmares directly invading their minds. Your powers help you to lead your companions, defend them from psychic threats, and alter reality around you to match the best that you can imagine.
    • plus 25 1st Tier Mythic Path Abilities for the Medium

    Written by Peter K. Ullmann

    Cover Illustration by Enmanuel Martinez