Echelon Reference Series: Clerics (3pp+PRD)

by Echelon Game Design

Echelon Game Design



Tags: archetypes classes fantasy Feats Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition

Echelon Reference Series: Clerics (3pp+PRD)

Each book in the Echelon Reference Series is written to be a complete reference for a single topic.

This book focuses on the cleric class, the chosen champions and heralds of the gods.

They are a flexible class, with good core abilities and options that let them take on many roles.

In this book you will find 2 classes, 13 archetypes, 63 class features, 337 class subfeatures (including 40 domains, 90 subdomains, plus exalted versions of most of the domains and subdomains, and expanded channeling options for most domains), and 93 feats, all accessible or directly related to the cleric class. Also, 56 stat blocks for a mix of NPCs of levels 1-20, and monsters with levels in the cleric class.

This book contains material from the PRD and from third-party publishers.

This sales item contains the files for both the 3pp+PRD book and the PRD-only book.