Dungeon Runner

by Emerald Giant Games

Emerald Giant Games



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Dungeon Runner


Role-playing without detailed 'flavor text' is like popcorn without butter or salt...you can eat it, but who'd want to? Dungeon Runner picks up where Dungeon Crawler left off, ramping up the detail, richness and variety of its randomly-created nuggets of narrative awesomeness. Because dull role-playing is not something we want to see ever again, Dungeon Runner will turn your game into a supercharged engine of role-playing magnificence.

Which NPC description would you rather provide for your players, or hear from your Gamemaster?

A. The innkeeper at the tavern offers you a bowl of stew, a mug of ale, and a room for the night.


B. Lorimer HillFather, innkeeper of the Rogue and Horn on Priestley Street, offers you a plate of blanched sausage goulash and a mug of winter herb wine for 2 silver. The room he rents to you contains a strange, peppery aroma. In the common room, a pair of messengers demand an occupied table, and Blind Steyfny 'The Triumphant' cannot carry a tune. He is on a quest to purify a conquered temple and is surreptitiously looking at an object.

Description B was created using a few button pushes in the People and Tavern section of the Dungeon Runner. Description A was generated forty years ago by an accountant living at the bottom of a dry well.

What is Blind Steyfny looking at? Click the Filler button, and voila, it's a glowing, silent whistle. Hey, isn't he blind? Maybe....Want to know who the messengers work for? Hit the People button again, choose Full (Simple), and meet Lord Bancroft Maner of (Village button) Saxon-Blossom. You say the rogue wants to get some purse-cutting experience? Instead of just 1d6 silver pieces, she can find the messenger was carrying (in his asp-hide purse) a candle, a lens, and a scrap of paper with a passphrase on it in Draconic writing with flourishes (Linguistics DC 11 to decipher).

Some other things you can randomize without having to refer to (or buy) a single chart: Shops, taverns, vessels and cargoes, artworks, battlecries, blessings, causes of death, confusion, curses, graffiti, insanity, languages, magical effects, passwords, book titles, poisons and potions; Dungeon, City and Wilderness encounters, events and features; and more monsters, treasure, and magic items than you can shake all the sticks at. All at the click of a button or two, all at the speed of mouse. Plus a lot more that won't fit on this page!

Dungeon Runner is fast, powerful, and as full of random gaming goodness as 30+ years of obsessive tinkering, love of fantasy, and overactive imagination can make it. But that's not all! You also get:

The user-friendly PC creator and database (currently compatible with the PFRPG open game content rules, Dungeons and Dragons© 3.5 compatibility soon to come.)

The Encounter screen (also PFRPG compatible -- love that system) that tracks initiative, combat events, criticals, fumbles, and monster stats, hit points, saving throws and attacks.

The Delve feature that lets you map as you go (on graph paper with a pencil, the way Gary intended) generating corridor, room and chamber descriptions complete with contents and monsters as you play.

Solo/semi-solo dungeon crawling made possible, no GM necessary!

Dungeon Runner is the ultimate role-playing game accessory. We said it, and we're not taking it back.