R.I.G.S. Sci-Fi - Volume 2

by Ennead Games

Ennead Games



Tags: Future Sci-Fi Treasure

R.I.G.S. Sci-Fi - Volume 2

R.I.G.S. Sci-Fi - Volume 2

The Ennead Games blog has a regular feature on it called R.I.G.S. (Random Item Generation System), in which an item is randomly created each week and the result is published and expanded on.

System generic, these items are designed with a sci-fi or modern setting, although some could, with only a minor amount of tweaking, be used in a horror or fantasy like setting or story.

Inside this volume you'll find...

  • Bio Rifle - A weapon that has an organic component
  • Deep Memory Retrieval Unit - Used to access genetic memory
  • Hover Chair - A semi-flying chair
  • Hyper-Glue Dispenser - A much needed dispenser for the strongest glue around
  • Memory Gel - Can form into almost any substance
  • Omni-Nom Universal Nutrient Drink - A customizable nutritional drink
  • Personal Teleporter Controller - Tired of walking? Just teleport!
  • Temporal Collar - Handy for use against those aliens that use temporal shenanigans
  • Temporal Throne - Allows you to view the past when you sit on it
  • Unbreakable Glass - One of the hardest substance known, stronger than ultra-diamond!