Superlative Spells Volume 1 - Chaotic Enhancements

by Ennead Games

Ennead Games



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Superlative Spells Volume 1 - Chaotic Enhancements

Superlative Spells

Volume 1 – Chaotic Enhancements

adjective of the highest kind, quality, or order; surpassing all else or others; supreme; extreme: superlative wisdom.

Spells and the supernatural are a staple part of many games and settings. They allow the user to bend reality to their will or to bring down their wrath on their enemies.

This volume in the Superlative Spells series covers Chaotic Enhancements. These spells could grant you power, or they could make you weaker. Use them at your peril!

The spells you find inside:

  • Chaotic Attack - Improve or hinder attacks
  • Chaotic Combat - Make melee more unpredictable
  • Chaotic Defence - Will that hit be more or less likley to bypass the armor?
  • Chaotic Movement - Makes the target zig when they want to zag
  • Chaotic Power - Will you be stronger or weaker?
  • Chaotic Saves - Yoiur saving throws can be stronger or weaker
  • Chaotic Speed - The target now cannot control their speed as much as they would like
  • Chaotic Stats - The targets atrributes will be in flux
  • Chaotic Targeting - Do you dare fire an arrow into this zone?