Transcendent 10 - Feats of the Lost - Figures Forlorn

by Lost Spheres Publishing

Lost Spheres Publishing



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Transcendent 10 - Feats of the Lost - Figures Forlorn

Better to have loved and lost...?

Now it can be.

Transcendent 10 - Feats of the Lost - Forlorn Figures introduces 10 new feats to match the roleplaying depths of lost love and abandonment with the backing of mechanical might. Whether your elf has been left behind by her people, your mourning barbarian stands alone refusing another's aid or your psion shares the crushing depths of his despair, love lost won't sting quite so badly for the player. Metamagic, bardic effects, and sneak attack all receive treatment. Bonus content includes a new spell and a new psionic power. Each new concept includes game advice on how to incorporate it into your games and campaign settings. Go beyond the basic with Transcendent 10!

Note: This product is a sequel to Transcendent 10 - Feats of Synergy - Heartbound Heroes but doesn't requre the product for use.

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