Into the Breach: The Inquisitor

by Flying Pincushion Games

Flying Pincushion Games



Tags: Archetypes Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition

Into the Breach: The Inquisitor

Into the Breach: The Inquisitor

For the last of our first run on base classes we address the Inquisitor. Sometimes described as a more skillful better armed less magically versatile cleric. The role of the Inquisitor is clear, to pursue enemies of the faith. Within this installment you’ll find a wealth of new options with 9 new archetypes, 2 new prestige classes, an alternate class, new Inquisitions, and new gear!

New Archetypes:

  • Mount up and ride to the frontiers of justice with the Circuit Judge.
  • Be an Army of one with the Duplicating Assessor.
  • Find power over your enemies with their blood using the Lineage Master.
  • Praise your god while loading the ammo with the Ossuary Chaplin.
  • Recover artifacts of faith with the Relic Seeker.
  • Explore mysteries of the faith as a Revelator.
  • Be called to kill those that oppose the church with the Righteous Assassin.
  • Lead the faithful with a Sacred Commander.
  • Weigh on your foes heavily with Varying Verdictist.

Alternate Base class:

  • Retribution becomes a crusade with the Vengeant.

Prestige classes:

  • Fear the law or the Crimson Enforcer will come for you.
  • One part psionic (supporting Dreamscarred Press’ OGL class), one part divine the Soul Arbiter seeks balance between two worlds.

Plus new Inquisitions and gear!