World's End

by Four Dollar Dungeons

Four Dollar Dungeons



Tags: Adventure (Low-Level) best of Fantasy Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition

World's End

World's End

A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 4 characters of level 1-2.

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The blizzard comes up out of nowhere, its storm clouds rushing overhead as if dragged over the sky by a chariot. One minute you’re travelling through open countryside with spring in the air and a spring in your step, the next you’re fighting for survival against cold, rain, sleet, snow and a howling gale that is threatening to flay the skin right off your body.

It seems like an inauspicious start to your adventuring career …

… or perhaps not. Who, in truth, knows how to interpret the omens of the gods. Just as all seems lost and you are certain you will freeze to death you spot a light up ahead which resolves itself into the upstairs window of an isolated traveller’s inn. The inn’s sign, swaying crazily in the wind, gives the establishment its name: “World’s End”.

Which given how you’re feeling right now seems eerily appropriate...

Four Dollar Dungeons are standalone adventures designed to be logical, entertaining, challenging, balanced and easily integrated into any campaign world.

Each adventure has enough material to last three or more playing sessions and enough experience to raise four characters of, in this case, 1st level up to level 2. Treasure is commensurate with the encounter challenges faced and scaling information is included for adventuring parties of five or six.

This adventure takes place in Asgard.