A Necromancer's Grimoire - Bounty of the Ranger

by Necromancers of the Northwest

Necromancers of the Northwest



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A Necromancer's Grimoire - Bounty of the Ranger

Hot on the Trail of Adventure!

It's not easy being green, and, even more than druids, rangers suffer from a split personality in Pathfinder. Somewhere between fighters and druids, with more than a dash of rogue, it can sometimes be hard to say what being a ranger is all about, other than that they're in touch with the wilderness…except, of course, when they happen to be bounty hunters, trappers, or just plain expert archers.

A Necromancer's Grimoire: Bounty of the Ranger is a celebration of the ranger class. From prestige classes, to archetypes, to new feats, there's something in here for everyone, whether you have a ranger character or not (and by the time we're done, you'll certainly want one). Here are just a few things you'll find:

  • The ace marksman prestige class, which specializes in archery and produces incredibly accurate, deadly archers.
  • The inexorable stalker prestige class, members of which can find anyone, anywhere, and even follow tracks through a teleport or planeshift spell.
  • The landbond shifter, who leaves humanity behind to become an animal permanently, but shifts from one species to the next depending on where he roams.
  • The pack lord archetype for rangers, which grants an entire pack of animal companions.
  • The greenstalker sniper archetype for rangers, a ranged specialist that focuses on careful aim and well-planned ambushes.
  • The nature's voice archetype for rangers, which strikes a closer balance between martial prowess and spellcasting ability.
  • The twin blade marauder archetype for rangers, whose members are capable of doing things with two weapons that others can only dream of.
  • Five all new archetypes for "ranger-adjacent" classes such as fighter, druid, and rogue, which help them get a taste of being a ranger.
  • 25 new feats for characters of all types, including new feats for a wide variety of ranger combat styles.