Cosmic Classes Volume One

by Wayward Rogues Publishing

Wayward Rogues Publishing



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Cosmic Classes Volume One

The Future is Fractured!

Throughout the galaxy, most spacefarers have encountered envoys, mechanics, and even technomancers, but they aren’t the only adventurous trekkers of the cosmos. As varied as the alien worlds from which they originate, not all characters can be encapsulated within the seven core classes. The following seven base classes present exciting new options for both the player characters and non-player characters of your game table.

Clocking in at 64 pages, these seven classes are equivalent in power to the seven core classes, and GM’s are encouraged to allow these options for players to freely choose from. As for any option at the game table, it is ultimately up to the GM to decide what is and isn’t allowed in the game.

  • Arbiter-The consummate diplomat with a roguish side, arbiters are often the vocal faces of parties that require a little more versatility from their envoys.
  • Astrodigitator- Spellcasters capable of psychically bonding with starships, astrodigitators ignite every battle with extra firepower, both in person and in space.
  • Dimensional Bombardier- Bending space and time to bring a spectacle of carnage, Dimensional Bombardiers; devastate battlefields with their cannonades
  • Eldritch Artillerists- Through secrets, bargains, and deals, Eldritch Artillerists engulf the Void with powers which should not be.
  • Mechromancer- Step into a mobile mech suit, jack in, and unlock the technological and arcane secrets of the cosmos. Upgrade and customize your Mech as you advance in level, with magic, lasers, and even tentacles! Pilot medium to gargantuan suits.
  • Novafist- Toiling to make herself so formidable that she can box starships, the Novafist enters the ring with muscle merged with machine.
  • Spectrumancers- Manipulators of energy concentrated in one of three areas of the EM spectrum: ultraviolet, visible light, and infrared, spectrumancers bend light’s properties to make her invisible, poison light itself through radiation, or turn its energy into solid matter.

Plus new spells and feats to further customize your new role!

By Robert Gresham, Jarrett Sigler, Jim Hunnicutt, Jacob Moriarty, and Scott Janke