Creature Description Generator Volume 3 - Witches

by Ennead Games

Ennead Games



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Creature Description Generator Volume 3 - Witches

Creature Description Generator Volume 3 - Witches

A witch is a being that most people will be familiar with. But there are any types, not all of them have the green skin and pointed hooked nose often used to describe them in fairy tales.

There are several main aspects covered by this CDG, with a few of them having further sub-options to help flesh out the description of your witch

  • Age - How old is the witch? Is she young looking or an ancient crone?
  • Coven - How many other witches does she meet up with and what do they cover?
  • Distinguishing or memorable Feature - What is the number one memorable feature of the witch?
  • Familiar - Does she have a familiar and what is it?
  • Home - Gives you and idea of what/where the witch calls home.
  • Mentor/Teacher - Who taught the witch her skills and powers?
  • Personality Type - What is the main personality of the witch?
  • Requirements for service - What does she require for her services?
  • Speciality - What is the witch speciality? Divination, potions or something else?
  • Quirks/Rare Features - Anything else that is memorable or quirky about the witch.
  • Transportation - How does the witch cover long distance travel? Not all use broomsticks.
  • Voice - How does she speak? What is her voice like?