Cultures of Celmae: Orcs

by Wayward Rogues Publishing

Wayward Rogues Publishing



Tags: Archetypes Fantasy Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition Player Aids Races

Cultures of Celmae: Orcs

Cultures of Celmae: Orcs

They are a brutal and savage race on the brink of extinction, but due to the worship of Shub-Niggurath, they rise again. Once they ruled the surface, but after the Shattering, their culture was decimated and scattered to the far corners of the world. Driven underground and to the sea, orcs have lead a difficult existence for the past 2000 years, but they are ready to reclaim what once was theirs, enslaving all who stand in their way.

  • An extensive history of the orcs on Celmae, including conflicting reports of their origins.
  • New archetypes for orc and half orc characters.
  • A new orc racial option: ashen orcs; vile death worshipers living in the deepest places of the earth and plotting to burn the world to cinders.

And Much More!

Written by Michael Reynolds, Robert Gresham, and Jarrett Sigler.