Prison Details Generator

by Ennead Games

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Prison Details Generator

Prison Details Generator

Criminals exist, and prisons also exist as a way to punish and sometimes rehabilitate the guilty, or wrongly imprison the innocent.

The Prison Details Generator is designed to help prompt your imagination and help you flesh out the centres of incarnation. Made to be suitable for almost any genres, although some aspects might be more suitable for a fantasy genre and others for a sci-fi or modern.

The tables within this generator:

  • Conditions & Cells - What is the condition of the cells?
  • Contraband Found - What happens when contraband is found?
  • Contraband Type - What types of contraband are there?
  • Education, training & work - Are the inmates educated or trained?
  • Escape - How often does escape occur here?
  • Executions - Do executions occur here if so what method?
  • Facilities - Covers the facilities available at this prison
  • Food & Drink - What is the food and drink like here?
  • Gangs - What are the gangs like inside this prison?
  • Guards - How competent are the guards?
  • Location - Where is the prison located?
  • Population - What is the make up of the prison population?
  • Punishments - How are inmates punished for transgressions?
  • Religion - Is religion tolerated inside this prison?
  • Rewards - How are prisoners rewarded for good behavior?
  • Security - How good is the security here?
  • Staff - What about the non guard staff?
  • Visitors - Are visitors allowed?
  • Warden - Just what is the deal with the warden here?