Scroll Generator

by Ennead Games

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Scroll Generator

Scrolls, like potions and spell books, are found in almost all fantasy themed games (and a few other genres as well). They contain spells to use, important information, or even some notes that a scholar has lost.

Presented here are several tables and charts to help flesh out the details of the scroll. Use as many of these tables as you need, or all of them.

Inside you find tables for:

  • Scroll Details such as ink, material and wrap bar
  • Mundane scrolls - Such as letters, inventorys, bounties and more
  • Enchanted scrolls - Scrolls that have a power all of their own
  • Curse scrolls - Not all scrolls give you a benefit
  • Quirks and Special Features - Make each scroll unique

Please note that although this has been designed with The Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game in mind, actual costs and values have been left out to allow for use in many other settings and games.