War of the Goblin King

by Necromancers of the Northwest

Necromancers of the Northwest



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War of the Goblin King

Can you Defeat the Goblin King?

Find out in this action-packed adventure, in which the PCs take on the role of the heroes of Springdale, defending that idyllic trading town from ravaging goblin hordes, led by Yarrick, the self-proclaimed "Goblin King" who, in an unholy alliance with a trio of greater barghests, has been laying waste to a number of human settlements. If the PCs can't stop him, his dreams of toppling the surface kingdoms and establishing a goblin empire may come to pass.

This adventure is designed for 4-6 PCs of about 6th level, and contains all the following perks:

  • Hand-crafted goblin NPCs that will give your PCs a run for their money! This is no walk in the park!
  • Color maps for each encounter.
  • Fully fleshed out city of Springdale, a town with a unique flavor; and information on various places of interest.
  • Over 20 fleshed out NPCs, for use with this or other adventures.
  • Over 90 pages!