Arcforge: Ravages of the Qlippoth

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



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Arcforge: Ravages of the Qlippoth

Destroyers of Worlds!

When the otherworldly horrors known as the qlippoth descended from the depths of space, they brought unimaginable devastation in their wake, an apocalypse for the world of Vandara. As entire continents lie in ruin, Vanadara’s people have adapted to this cosmic threat, wielding the psionic mysteries and alien technologies of these beings against them to turn the tide! In their desperate battle, the Vandarans have unearthed twisted secrets about the very origins of their planet that may shape the future of their world!

Ravages of the Qlippoth brings you some of Vandara’s most powerful and legendary monsters, including 15 types of psionic qlippoth and the seven CR 20+ qlippoth lords! Plus explore the lore of the lost lands devastated by the nightmare host from beyond the stars, from the once-prosperous Dorukalad to the death-stalked tunnel-runs of the Erebine. Harness the horrific powers of the qlippoth infestation with new templates or battle them with archetypes like the desperate apostate, the uncanny bio-experiments of the reshaper, or the war machines of the steelduster or rustworn hunter! As absolute destruction gazes down on you, what choice is there but to fight? Grab this amazing 60-page Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign expansion and monster book today and Make Your Game Legendary!