Rogue Mage Creatures of Light 1: The Most High and Major Powers

by Misfit Studios

Misfit Studios



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Rogue Mage Creatures of Light 1: The Most High and Major Powers

Since they arrived on Earth and delivered the judgment of the Most High against humanity, the Forces of Light have dominated the world.

They've built Realms of Light on every populated continent, from which they issue edicts to humanity and send forth parties to seek out and destroy the Darkness. They also monitor the activities of the new supernatural beings of the world, especially the neomages they're sworn to protect, and the new race of the seraph-touched that has recently come to their attention.

The principal motivations of the Light are the battle against the Darkness and carrying out the will of the Most High; the protection the Light provides humanity seems almost incidental.

The Light represents the most powerful unified force on Earth, but its actions are driven by unrevealed designs, and the forces of Light can be as dangerous to humanity as the Dark forces they oppose.

This PDF details the forces opposed to the Darkness.

Creatures of Light Vol 1: The Most High and Major Powers is part of a series of monster PDF to be offered for the Rogue Mage game. If you like what you see, consider purchasing the Rogue Mage Roleplaying Game Player's Handbook, also available from this site.