Super Powered Legends: Maverick

by Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games



Tags: Modern Monsters/Enemies Mutants & Masterminds Sci-Fi SRD Enhanced Super-Hero

Super Powered Legends: Maverick

Can't Touch This!

August was born in the Meta city-state of New Avalon. Her powers rip the stamina and memories from anyone whom she touched. As she could also steal powers with this ability, few other Meta children wanted anything to do with the young girl. Eventually learning to control her powers, she became Maverick (PL 10) using her powers for the Meta Nation, striking against the humans who oppressed her kind. During a fight, Maverick's powers changed. She gained amazing cosmic powers, but now she could no longer control her absorbsion, leaving her unable to touch anyone skin-to-skin. Maverick sought out the aid of Dean Donovan Shepherd. He agreed to help. She agreed to try to change her ways. Super Powered Legends. Because sometimes what you need is a character everyone will recognize, even if they’ve never met her before. Written and illustrated by Jacob Blackmon. Super Powered by M&M.