Super Powered Legends: Russian Ghost

by Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games



Tags: Future Horror Modern Monsters/Enemies Mutants & Masterminds Sci-Fi Super-Hero

Super Powered Legends: Russian Ghost

One Small Step…

The Russian Ghost (PL 8), was a legend kept quiet by NASA until the Challenger Foundation created their Challenger-2 spacecraft with the intention of venturing to the moon. He had been a Russian cosmonaut back in the 1950s and 1960s, who had embarked with only a crew of highly-trained gorillas. Sadly, there was an accident and he was presumed lost.

When the Challengers arrived, they found not only the Ghost, but also a family of Blue Apes (PL 8)!

Super Powered Legends. Because sometimes you a need a character everyone recognizes, even when meeting them for the first time. Designed and Illustrated by Jacob Blackmon, Super Powered by M&M!