Savage Insider Issue #6: Holidays and Havoc

by Mystical Throne Entertainment

Mystical Throne Entertainment



Tags: Periodical (Magazines etc.) Savage Worlds

Savage Insider Issue #6: Holidays and Havoc

Savage Insider Issue 6: Holidays and Havoc is dedicated to Autumn and winter holidays and festivals and how we incorporate them into our games. Incorporating believable holidays and festivals can be hard enough, but creating interesting NPCs, usable equipment, and interesting adventures sure can be fun! This issue provides a collection of NPCs, equipment, and adventures all surrounding a holiday or festival theme.

Holidays and Havoc is a cross-genre issue with a leaning toward the horrific. To coincide with the idea of using holidays and festivals in your game, a general interest piece has been included discussing how this can be achieved.

Holidays and Havoc includes:

  • Catching the Christmas Spirit adventure
  • The Harvest King adventure
  • Headless Horseman character gallery
  • Halloween Jack and Halloween Jill character gallery
  • Meara of the Cold Woods character gallery
  • Basket of Abundance equipment corral
  • New Year Banner equipment corral
  • Holidays of Miniature Proportion miniature spotlight
  • … and much more!