Savage Insider Issue #9: Tales of the Weird

by Mystical Throne Entertainment

Mystical Throne Entertainment



Tags: Periodical (Magazines etc.) Savage Worlds

Savage Insider Issue #9: Tales of the Weird

Savage Insider Issue #9: Tales of the Weird is all about fantasy horror during the Victorian Era through World War II. The flagship article, The Asylum, presents a lengthy Victorian adventure in an abandoned asylum where the dead are quite restless. This adventure can be utilized in a number of settings and even combined with The Mask Peddler equipment corral article by purchasing a mask that can help, or hinder, your PCs while the GM can take some hints from Combat Deadliness to amp up the horror of the adventure. Tales of the Weird is mostly an alternate history issue that takes different decades and combines them with fantasy horror (or weird). There is a mixture of content formats with a leaning toward the creepy, such as what you’d find in Tales from the Crypt. Tales of the Weird includes:
  • One full-length adventure.
  • One investigative / survival adventure.
  • Two fictional pieces.
  • Weird masks.
  • New options for combat.
  • … And much more!