by Michael Mars Gaming

Michael Mars Gaming



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Presenting the spiritual successor to the Perilous Vista series by Frog God Games, written by the same man who wrote that series! This is Icebound!


Icebound has new rules, equipment, weather charts, and hazards for running a campaign set in any polar biome! In addition to this, Icebound contains 22 new feats, 12 new monsters (one of which can be an animal companion), 34 new spells, 22 new archetypes, and 2 new adventures!


In most places, the rising and setting of the sun is a daily occurrence, an event signaling the dawn of a new day or the cessation of one’s labors. Daily routines are much different at the poles. Throughout winter and beyond the sun rarely, if ever, peeks above the horizon. Its absence casts the land into seemingly perpetual shadow, allowing frigid temperatures and brutal conditions to take hold. Animals retreat to their insulated dens or flee for warmer climes. Humanoids take shelter indoors, subsisting on the provisions they gathered during the spring and summer months. Even the monstrous denizens limit their exposure to the cruel elements, only venturing outdoors to stave off the pangs of hunger. Venturing out onto the desolate glaciers or navigating a route through the sea ice choking the polar seas bears the telltale hallmarks of an unrewarding fool’s errand doomed to end in disaster.

The poles consign the unprepared, the ill-equipped, and the unwary to an unmarked, snowy grave, leaving most to wonder why anyone in their right mind would dare venture into this forsaken wilderness. For those who dwell and travel here, the poles offer opportunity and a challenge. The bounties of the seas beckon fishermen and hunters to these chilly waters, while the allure of natural riches and lost civilizations buried beneath the snow inspire treasure seekers to trek inland. Surviving the frozen ordeal takes experience, careful planning, and some degree of luck. Although cold weather is an absolute certainty, nature has more tricks in its devious bag. Sheets of blinding ice and snow, ferocious winds, and gargantuan waves of dislodged snow and ice represent a meager sampling of the terrors awaiting polar explorers. If you have the courage to test your mettle and try your luck against winter’s wrath, be warned. At the poles, nature gladly takes prisoners, permanently encasing them in ice and snow. Watch every step, or find yourself forever icebound.