Narosia Divine Intervention Cards

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Narosia Divine Intervention Cards

Narosia Divine Intervention Cards

These cards are for use with the Narosia: Sea of Tears fantasy RPG (releasing 7/29 on DriveThruRPG). This is not a stand-alone game.

Players Control The Gods To Influence The Plot

The gods meddle, and the players use these cards to say how a specific god influences the story — if they can explain the god’s motivation.

Divine Intervention cards are used to represent both the possibility and degree of influence by the gods. These cards, with one exception, reference an aspect of a single Enaros, and possibly even the Enaros as a whole as well. This aspect reflects the type of influence the Enaros has chosen to exercise when the card is played. Additionally, each card is marked with a certain number of pips, rendered as small suns along the bottom of the card. As the number of pips increases, the amount of influence the Enaros exerts also increases.

From a skeptic’s eye, the greater the number of pips the more difficult it is to deny direct intervention. A one-pip card could most certainly be attributed to luck, and a two-pip card is just short of a miracle (arguably mundane – crazy things do happen). A three-pip card is almost undeniable, and if the conditions are right the Enaros may even be seen exercising their influence.

The play of a card is an opportunity for role-play. The player should assume the role of the specific Enaros singled out by the card and describe why the Enaros has chosen to interfere with these specific mortal affairs, and your character in particular. Playing a card does not represent your character calling upon the gods. It is certainly possible, especially if playing a tsverg, that you do not wish divine intervention. The Enaros are not really all that concerned with what your character believes or thinks (to a point), and they will intervene if they wish, possibly even in spite of your character. Some Enaros even have a certain amount of sympathy for the tsverg (again, to a point). So, assume the mantle of an Enaros, roleplay the god’s will, and have fun with the game.

Narosia: Sea of Tears HERO Designer Character Pack includes all the files necessary to create Narosia characters using the HERO Designer software, including:

  • Racial Templates
  • All Narosia Character QuickStart elements
    • Cultural Templates
    • Archetypes, Vocations, & Backgrounds
    • Characteristic Templates
    • Complications
  • Talents, Perks, and Heroic Abilities
  • Equipment
  • Spells
  • Bestiary

Additionally, we have included three custom Export Formats:

  • Writer's Guidelines RTF
  • Compact RTF
  • Character Summary (similar to the book layout) RTF - Sample Character