The Soulforge: Spirit of a Hero

by Studio M—

Studio M—



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The Soulforge: Spirit of a Hero

Forge the powers and skills of ancient spirits to your very soul!

The Soulforge: Spirit of a Hero is the latest akashic class published by Studio M—! The soulforge draws its power from the Akashic Record, channeling and forging the armaments and skills of ancient heros and villians of eld in the form of akashic veils and powerful forged souls that grant them a wide range of abilities and armaments that they can change each day!

The soulforge is built to be flexible; able to change its loadout each day to suit whatever needs are required of it. With the ability to change some of its combat feats each day as well as swapping their Strength and Dexterity, they can easily adjust as needed. This combined with their armaments provided by their veilweaving can allow the soulforge unparraelled flexibility as a martial combatent!

By utilizing their forged souls the soulforge can imbue their very essence with the spirits of ancient heros and villians, drawing powers and abilities from Pathfinder's core classes! Channel portions of the unbridled rage of a barbarian, the martial prowess of a fighter, or the arcane talents of a sorcerer! These forged souls also help to expand their access to veils by granting them access to an expanded list of veils!

Don't want to focus on akashic weapons, armor, and shields? The soulforge can take the Soul Exemplar archetype to focus entirely on the power of their forged souls! They get a second soul much faster than the base class, and an increased number of soul veils, as well as some extra flexibility with those veils!

Also included with this book are new magic items, alterations to existing magic items, and 24 new [Enhanced] veils for the soulforge and other akashic classes!

By purchasing this book, you also get The Soulforge: Content Compendium. This 61-page supplement includes reprints of the full rules for veilweaving, a number of akashic feats, as well as every veil on the soulforge's veil list! This book, along with The Soulforge: Spirit of a Hero is everything you need to get started with the akashic magic system!