Fey Folio: Clans of the Fey

by Alluria Publishing

Alluria Publishing



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Fey Folio: Clans of the Fey

Nearly 20 new monsters for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! A baker's dozen of new fey species inhabit these eldritch pages, waiting to pester, infest, and perhaps even eradicate your adventuring party. Each fiendish fey is beautifully color illustrated with all original art by the talented Vasilos Zikos.

Fey are embodiments of emotion, and wicked fey are cruelty, lust, anger, and mischief given form. From the frightening dullahan dreadknights to the malicious vodnik bog troll, these pages offer forth the most dangerous the Fey Realm has to offernot the mindless beasts or wild spirits, but the cunning and cruel twisted fey races, the clans of the Fey Realm.

The 4th Edition D&D version of this product (Fey Folio: the Unseelie Court) received an Honorable Mention in Best Electronic Book AND Best Monster/Adversary categories of the 2010 ENnie Awards! For more information on the ENnie Awards visit http://www.ennie-awards.com/

Fully bookmarked, 25 pages.