Lair of the Perilous Ooze Bundle

by Purple Sorcerer Games

Purple Sorcerer Games



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Lair of the Perilous Ooze Bundle

Three Sunken City Adventures at One Great Price!

Most find death in the crumbling ruins that stretch beyond sight into the mists south of the Great City; once rich districts now claimed by swamp and dark denizens. But for the desperate folk of the city, the ruins offer treasures the Great City denies them: fortune, glory, and a fighting chance!

Perils of the Sunken City

The massive crumbling ruins of the swamp-ravaged Sunken City await! The way is filled with peril, but those who survive will be ready to face even more dangerous fare!

The Ooze Pits of Jonas Gralk

Do you dare enter the deadly swamps of the Sunken City? The hamlet of Slither's End needs your aid, but after meeting the bizarre locals, you might wonder if you need someone to protect you from Slither's End! Can you unravel the mysterious abductions plaguing the town? Do you chance trekking through the open swamp seeking answers when death lurks around every bend? And who is this Jonas Gralk that everyone mentions with grave suspicion? Answers await in The Ooze Pits of Jonas Gralk!

Lair of the Mist Men

Enjoy Gonzo mind-bending fun as you track the deadly Mist Men back to their lair and battle unspeakable monsters and sanity-stretching environments!

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