Quick Generator - Food Dishes

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Quick Generator - Food Dishes

Quick Generator- Food Dishes

Sometimes you don’t need an insane amount of tables and charts. You may just need something quick and simple to help flesh out basic details without going overboard on the details. This is where the Quick Generator is helpful, providing you with a simple one-sentence description of a particular subject.

This particular Quick Generator helps you to come up with a concept for a food dishes and features styles and ingredients from around the world.

With 2 d100 tables, you can get 10,000 possible combinations, even more if you use the optional formats.

Some examples you can get from this Quick Generator-

  • Sugar Glazed Cod
  • Apple Sausage
  • Pressure Cooked Crab

Suitable for -

  • GMs who need to fill out a tavern's menu
  • Players that want a "signature" dish for their characters
  • Storytellers and writers that need to decide what the characters are eating at any one particular moment