Secrets #1: Omens & Artifacts

by Darkwater Press

Darkwater Press



Tags: bestiary fantasy Magic Items monsters old school Spells Swords & Wizardry

Secrets #1: Omens & Artifacts

Secrets #1: Omens & Artifacts is a 24-page digest-sized fanzine from the Secrets of the Shadowend blog. Within these 24 pages are:

  • 24 spells for clerics, druids, and magic-users;
  • 24 magic items, including the infamous Neverburning Candle and the eldritch blade Sacnoth;
  • 3 new monsters: the hybrid alektrequus, the amnesia-inducing alkonost, and the magic-seeking vouivre;
  • 2 adventure seeds;
  • the Shaman, a Druid class variant, and a complete spell list for the Shaman;
  • and an introduction to the Shadowend campaign setting.

Secrets is covered under the Open Game License, and 100% Open Game Content.