The Dungeon Dozen

by The Dungeon Dozen

The Dungeon Dozen



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The Dungeon Dozen

What's up with the weird guy in the tavern?

Why is there an Underworld?

Who is the puppet-master behind the man-ape insurgency?

What is the dragon's formerly secret weakness?

What are the uncanny effects of blunt force trauma to the head?

What's in the giant's lunchbox?

ROLL d12!

The Dungeon Dozen provides over 200 system-agnostic random tables designed to provide idea-fuel for GMs and players of fantasy role playing games.These tables run the gamut from quick monster generators, encounter tables, and weird hirelings to in-game solutions for when the players zig when you thought they would zag.

Loaded with black and white old school dungeon art calculated to spur the imagination, this PDF is fully bookmarked and has both a quick reference guide and full index for ease of use.